#8 – Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012 (Day 3) Driving thru Nebraska & Wyoming on I-80

Left Sidney, NE this morning about 9:00am after locating the local Ace Hardware and getting some excellent assistance from the employee.  I showed him the screw and nut that I took off the left side and he located the exact stainless steel duplicate I needed.

I put the plate back on and I was good to go.  I know Dad is proud of me.  FYI Dad, the shower is leak free!  Dad and I had to replace the shower faucet fixture last week…well Dad did most of the work and I helped…..

Before leaving Sidney I stopped for gas and I noticed a sign on the side of the truck/convenience store that advertised “classy restrooms”….well I did not really need to go but I could not pass up checking out that advertisement.

They were very, very nice. Lovely ceramic tile with decorative tile inset.  Best of all…they were private little bathrooms….no stalls….each bathroom had a toilet, sink, mirror, etc and a locking private door with a deadbolt lock.  At the exit of the bathroom area was a large sign with a button that requested you to push it to alert an employee if the bathroom was in need of attention.  I would say they lived up to their advertisement.   I know, I know….the strangest things amuse me.

It was a beautiful sunny, windy day.  There is a smoky haze from a big fire near Pinedale, WY.  Most of the day was in the high 70’s.

Today’s drive was in the hills.  Very, very desolate country.  A lot of unpopulated areas.  You do see cows in the hills eating what vegetation there is.  I saw a couple more wind farms on top of hills.

I was driving along and came around a curve and see a giant head of Abraham Lincoln. It was at a rest stop.  I stopped in Kevin’s honor.  Apparently before I-80 highway, the highway that ran from coast to coast was called The Lincoln Highway.

Drove 360 miles today ending up in Rock  Springs, WY.  I am at the KOA park here.  Full hook-ups including cable and wifi.  It is very, very windy.  The egg is hooked to the Toyota and I put the back jacks down and the wind gusts are still rocking the egg a little.

Tomorrow I am driving north thru Jackson, WY to Colter Bay Village RV Park in Grand   Teton National Park.  I will be there for 3 nights.  I will be roughing it without cable and wifi.  I will try to update the blog if possible at the visitor center where they have wifi.

By the way, I believe that you can enter comments on the blog if you have something to say.  My only advice would be to stick to first names only for privacy as it is a public blog open to viewing by anyone.

6 thoughts on “#8 – Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012 (Day 3) Driving thru Nebraska & Wyoming on I-80

    • I think I’ve fingured out this posting business. You’ll soon be getting into some beautiful country–we traveled through that area several times on our way to and from Canada on our motorcycle trips. Jackson is a neat place. Vi

  1. Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic trip. Just one thing, you need to post a picture with your car and camper! Travel safely.

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