Wednesday, Sept 19, 2012 (Day 4) Traveling Hwy 191 north thru Jackson to Grand Teton National Park

Left Rock Springs, WY this morning about 9:00AM.  I took a photo from the RV park before I left this morning.

I took highway 191 north from I-80.  I drove 180 miles to Jackson, WY.  It is actually not a very big town.  It has the same situation as Branson in that it is a small town with a big tourist trade.  It is more upscale than Branson.  It is very cute.  I think the tallest building in town is three stories and everything is upscale western themed.  Even the chain retail stores are in themed buildings.  Most everything is log cabin themed.  A lot of art galleries, upscale shopping, restaurants, river adventure tours, etc.  Here is a picture of Kmart.

It is a busy little city with a downtown flavor.  Parking was at a premium so I parked at the strip mall where Kmart is located.  The strip mall had Subway and Domino’s.  I had to follow Mom’s rule about eating out when out of town… cannot eat at any restaurant that we have in our hometown.  Of course we only have five chain restaurants in our town and Subway happens to be one of them.

I went to Domino’s and ordered Italian Sausage & Pasta in a Bread Bowl and took it back to the Egg to have lunch.  It was very nice.  It was about 70 degrees and sunny.  I opened the window and looked out at the Grand Teton Mountains while I had my lunch.  Here is a photo of lunch and no… I did not eat all of that.  Half of it is in my refrigerator.

While I was in Jackson, I did speak to Mom by phone and read all the text messages that came in.  One of them was from Debbie saying they were currently in Yellowstone.

After lunch I continued north on 191 to Grand Teton National Park.  The park is 485 square miles (310,000 acres).  The first visitor center is 12 miles north of Jackson.  My campground is in Colter Bay Village.  You travel another 25 miles north deeper into the park to reach Colter Bay Village.  This campground is the largest in the park with 350 sites and will be closing for the season next week.  It is full tonight.  It is a very nice campground.  The fresh, pine smell is unbelievable.  Nothing like the fake, perfume candles/sprays.  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon 77 degrees today.  I had no trouble setting the trailer up.  Here is a picture of my site.

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