Thursday, Sept 20, 2012 (Day 5) Exploring the eastern side of Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National  Park has a 43 mile scenic loop inside the park with scenic stops and other places to explore.  I am in Colter Bay Village which is in the north part of the park.  Today I drove down the eastern half of the loop and into Jackson (located about 12 miles south of the southern portion of the scenic loop.

I saw a few deer from very far away during the drive.  The views are really diminished by the smoke from the wildfires.  You mostly see sagebrush (millions and millions of them) and trees.  I will be exploring the western portion of the loop tomorrow.  It is closer to the Teton Range so I hope the views will be better.

In Jackson, I walked around their square, went into a few shops and had a late lunch.  I heard a lot of tourists speaking foreign languages in town.

I returned to my RV site just after 5:00pm.   The weather was beautiful all day.  It gets very cold at night (low of 34 tonight) but warms up quickly during the day.  It was 75 this afternoon.  I decided to spend a few minutes outside in my lounge chair enjoying the evening.  I was watching people come and go when I noticed a man and woman a couple of rows over come out of their trailer with two little dogs on leashes and take off for a walk……well….when they got closer I saw that it was actually two cats on leashes!

About 6:00pm I decided to go to the laundry to wash a load of clothes and connect to the wifi.  The building is a combination shower house and laundry as well as the free wifi hotspot.  The wifi is very slow.

I chatted with the employee on duty.  She told me that she and her husband as well as her sister and her husband are all here working for the season in the park.  They work for four months, park their RV’s here and receive $10,000 each for their work.  They work 40 hours per week and sometimes 48 hours per week.  She cleans 13 showers per day in addition to cleaning and assisting in the laundry area.  She and her husband had been fully retired for 11 years prior to coming here to work for the season.

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