Saturday, Sept 22, 2012 (Day 7) Moving to West Yellowstone, MT

Left Grand Teton National Park RV park about 10:00am this morning.  Drove north entering Yellowstone National Park thru the south entrance.  Drove to the west entrance/exit of the park.  The Wyoming/Montana border is actually 2 miles inside the park.

West Yellowstone, MT is a very, very small town that is literally 1/2 mile from the Yellowstone west entrance.  The town is just motels, rv parks, maybe five chain restaurants, a lot of independent restaurants and about 25 gift/tshirt/sourvenir stores.

I loved this sign – “Hey Kids! Scream Till Daddy Stops” that is on a tiny Dairy Queen on the main drag

I am staying at Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park and it is fabulous!  There is actually one trailer smaller than mine here.

After getting unhitched and settled (I am getting faster and faster at it) I had some lunch and went thru about 15 gift shops.  I spent a little time in my lounge chair this afternoon as it was another beautiful, sunny day here.

I will be spending the next four days exploring the park.  Yellowstone National Park has more than 2.2 million acres.

1 thought on “Saturday, Sept 22, 2012 (Day 7) Moving to West Yellowstone, MT

  1. Hopefully, the smoke won’t be obscuring the views of Yellowstone–it’s an amazing and interesting place, with a lot of wildlife–I remember seeing buffalo and moose there.

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