Wednesday, Sept 26, 2012 (Day 11) Enjoying my last day in Yellowstone

Kepler Cascades in the photo above

My goal today was to see the three largest geysers that the park service tracks and makes predictions as to eruption times.  They are Great Fountain, Grand and Riverside.

It was a very, very foggy morning.  It was about 45 degrees when I was at Great Fountain this morning.  The prediction was between 11:15am and 11:45am and it went off at 11:27am.  It goes for about 40 minutes.  Unfortunately the fog this morning made viewing it difficult.

I drove down to West Thumb and came back to make the 3:20 prediction for Grand.  I walked the trail to Grand (almost 1 mile) and got there a few minutes before 3:20 and it had already gone off about 30 minutes early!!

I then walked another 1/2 mile down the trail to watch Riverside Geyser predicted for 4:20.  I waited and waited and waited and about 4:15pm there was a loud noise that started and then a lot of clouds of steam coming from a few yards up the trail.  We all went to check it out and and an incredible set of three geysers was going off…Mortar, Fan and Spiteful.  They only go off every 4-8 days and cannot be predicted.  I was lucky to see it.  Then I went back to watch for Riverside and it finally went off about 4:45pm.  It was lovely and the sun came out that had not been seen for most of the day and a little rainbow could be seen in the spray of the geyser.  I thought that was a great thing for my last geyser of the trip.  Then I walked the 1.4 miles back to the Old Faithful visitor center where I was parked and just before I got back to the center, Old Faithful went off…a perfect ending.

When I got back to West Yellowstone I stopped to buy my required magnet and Christmas ornament.  To those that don’t know…I don’t buy a lot of “stuff” when I travel but for years I have a tradition of buying a magnet for my refrigerator and a Christmas ornament.  I really prefer that they are dated the year of my visit but it is difficult to find that sometimes.  I did find a 2012 Yellowstone ornament but could not find a dated magnet. I did find one that had my favorite spot in the park (Kepler Cascades) so that was good.

When I got back to the RV park about 7:00, I hooked the trailer up to the Toyota so that I only have to unhook the RV park hookups and I am on the road.

1. Great Fountain Geyser

2. Mortar, Fan and Spiteful Geysers

3. Riverside Geyser – Can you see the rainbow?

4. Old Faithful


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, Sept 26, 2012 (Day 11) Enjoying my last day in Yellowstone

  1. The photo of Mortar, Fan & Spiteful in no way shows the real experience….the mortar geyser makes this noise over and over that sounds like a gun going off and the spiteful geyser goes in several little tornado like geysers. It was very, very cool.

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