#19 – Saturday, Sept 29, 2012 (Day 14) – Giant Pumpkins, Lovely Flowers and IKEA

Drove down to Lehi, Utah (suburb of Salt Lake City) to visit “Thanksgiving Point”. It was about a 35 minute drive.  They were having a harvest festival today.  Just as I was waiting to turn into the drive of the Harvest Festival, I heard a giant smash and suddenly saw a car and a truck smashing into each other and glass and car parts flying.  I did not really see what happened.  I was concentrating on figuring out where I was supposed to turn.  There was one car in front of me waiting to turn.  The car in front of me had two young men.  They got out and were calling 911.  I turned on my flashers and got out just to see if everyone was okay.  The pickup truck had a woman driving with two young children.  The small car had two young women.  The airbag went off in their car.  The police arrived within 3 or 4 minutes.  I think he must have been at the harvest festival.  I left when the police arrived as I had not actually witnessed the accident.

They had a giant pumpkin contest at the festival.  The largest pumpkin weighed 1456 pounds.

I left the festival and drove down to the gardens.  The gardens were lovely.  Well worth a walk on a lovely 80 degree sunny day.

On the way back to the RV park I stopped at IKEA (I love IKEA!)  I left without buying anything.  I kept looking at this very cool dandelion light trying to figure out somewhere in my house that it would look good…I don’t think so….

It is supposed to be 82 here tomorrow and 83 on Monday.

I stopped to eat at In N Out Burger.  It was interesting to observe the differences in beverage consumption here due to the large population of Mormons.  They are not allowed to have alcohol or caffeine.  I watched many, many people/families order.  If you order a paid beverage you get a paper cup to fill with your choice.  If you order water, you get a clear plastic cup to fill.  Probably 90% had the clear water cups.  I did hear one Dad with a young son that had a paper cup.  He was showing the boy which beverage he could have.  He told him he could have root beer, 7Up or lemonade as everything else had caffeine.

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