Monday, Oct 1, 2012 (Day 16) Family History

Best news of the day – Mom had her surgery this morning.  Reports from my sisters indicate that doctor says everything went as planned and she is in some discomfort but doing well.

Spent several hours at the Family History Library looking for Fleischer relatives from Germany.   Another beautiful, sunny 80 degree day here today.

I am so proud of myself I am about to break my arm patting myself on the back – My power outlet (where I plug in the GPS) in the car stopped working a few days ago.  I went online to try to figure out what could be wrong.  Information indicated that a fuse probably burned out.  I got out my Highlander manual and found a picture of the fuse box.  I found the fuse box under the hood and took out the fuse that I believed to be the correct one.  I took it to Autozone and asked for a replacement.  The guy asked me why I needed a new one when nothing was wrong with the one I had….Duh!!

So I went online again and finally found something that indicated that there is a second fuse box under the dash on the drivers side.  So I stood on my head under the dash, found the fuse I thought was the one to the power outlet and went back to Autozone….and the guy agreed the fuse was blown…so I purchased a replacement, stood on my head under the dash again, put it in, got the cover back on the fuse box and  WooHoo…..the power outlet works again!!!!!!!!!!

I will be moving on tomorrow morning.

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