Thursday, Oct 4, 2012 (Day 19) Moving into Balloon Fiesta Park

Arrived at Balloon Fiesta Park about 11:00am.  The RV camping I am doing is dry camping…that means no electricity, no water hookups, no sewer hookups, no cable, no wifi.

I asked very nicely of the volunteer that was in charge of parking RV’s if I could have a great site.  He had already asked me all about my trailer.  He said..”.well I like your trailer so I am giving you a good site I have been saving”.  There are rows and rows…I saw the numbers going up into the 50’s…..he put me in row 4, three trailers from the access road.  I am so very close to the entrance!!!!

The RV area is a gravel/dirt combination.  It is row after row of RV/travel trailers lined up.  I actually have more space than I thought I would.  I think I heard one of the volunteers say that the spaces are 20 feet wide and 55 feet long.   For me that is oodles of space.

I am shocked at how many trailers are already here.  I came early to figure everything out before the crowds hit.  I heard a volunteer say that the busy day for RV’s coming in is tomorrow……

After setting up, I walked down to the Balloon Museum, toured it then went down to the the launch field where all the balloons will be.  This is also where all the food and product tents will be.  It is about a mile walk from my trailer to the launch site.  There will be shuttles going back and forth on the actual days of the fiesta.

Then I went out exploring the area some.  Within 5 miles is every fast food and restaurant chain you can name.  Also a lot of shops.  I located a laundromat and did a couple loads of laundry.

It is currently 8:55pm and it is 78 degrees.  I am setting outside the egg in the dark with my camping lantern typing this on my netbook.  I am using my cell phone as a mobile hotspot for internet service.  I signed up for two months of the service for use when I don’t have wifi.  It is only an extra $15 each month for the service.  That is a pretty good deal.  I am also happy that I have great cell service here.

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