Saturday, Oct 6, 2012 (Day 21) No Flying this Morning

Saturday, Oct 6

I woke up about 5:00am this morning to multiple helicopters flying over.  I am sure all of the local news stations and the police were up shooting footage and watching traffic.

Caught the shuttle (school bus) to the Balloon Field.  They have their own special lanes so they do not have to wait in the traffic lanes.  I read on Facebook of many unhappy people that were in traffic two to three hours trying to get to the fiesta.

It was 60 degrees at 5:00am this morning with some wind.   There were a lot of people at the fiesta.  Crazy lines for food, booths stuffed with people.  There is something like 177 booths.  So me and thousands of my new best friends were stumbling around in the dark this morning.

I sat down at a picnic table with a young mother and her two children.  They were locals and they were complaining about the cold.  The wind had picked up a little more by then.  I had on a winter jacket and very warm gloves as well as a sweatshirt.  I told the boy he should have worn gloves and he told me that he did not own any……To the locals this weather is winter weather…haha.

They cancelled the glow and flights this morning due to the wind.  I was back in the Egg by 8:00am and it was 54 degrees at that time.  Six degrees colder than at 5:00am.

I went back to bed for a while and then out and about.

They did have a short glow tonight (about 30 min) and then 30 minutes worth of fireworks.

Oct 6, 2012

1 thought on “Saturday, Oct 6, 2012 (Day 21) No Flying this Morning

  1. It sounds like you are having a great time. I am enjoying the pictures. It reminds me of the trip I took years ago, but with better pictures! Keep enjoying yourself and travel safely.

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