Monday, Oct 8, 2012 (Day 23) Balloons and Tour

I got up at 4:45am this morning to arrive on the field by 5:45am. It was colddddddd.  I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought some of those hand warmers and boy do they work…..worth way more than 64 cents.  I went to the Balloon Pilot Meeting at 6:15am with my pilot.  It was interesting.

Winds were not favorable this morning.  Today was a competition day.  That means that the pilots were to take their balloon to a location at least one mile away and fly in and try to drop bean bags  into a designated location on the field.

The officials put everything on hold to see if winds would change.

They waited an hour and then told the pilots that wanted to compete to find their spot and wait for a signal and anyone that wanted to inflate and fly from the field and not compete could do that as well.

About 100 pilots chose to inflate and fly from the field.  I am not sure how many chose to compete.  Many pilots (including mine) chose to not fly as the winds were too tricky.

We left the field and they dropped me off at the RV park and I got to watch the balloons fly over the RV park.  One landed very, very close to the RV park.  He was putting the gas to it over and over as he flew over the RV’s to keep it up until he hit an empty spot.

Balloons flying over the RV park

Balloon flying very closely

The balloon landed safely

Then I went to “Old Town” and looked around for a few minutes before my trolley tour at 1:00pm.  It was 90 minutes long and pretty interesting.

After that I went to the laundromat…woohoo……

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