Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012 (Day 25) Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!

Winds picked up and Jerry went for a pretty wild ride this morning.  He took a hard landing in a empty lot behind a Ford dealership.  One balloon ended up in a power line and 2200 people were without power for 30 minutes.  Another landed in a telephone phone and another in a tree.

Some minor injuries.

I went to the Botanic Gardens and Aquarium before lunch.  I went to a mall for a short time and saw a vending machine that sold nothing but jerky.

I went to Sandia Casino (2 miles from the Balloon Fiesta Park).  I left with $50 more than I went in with after playing for 90 minutes.  I won it all on penny slots.  My favorite was a Dean Martin machine that sang to you when you hit the bonus round.

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