Sunday, Oct 14, 2012 (Day 29) – ABQ to the Grand Canyon

Up at 6:00am, on the field by 6:40am.   It was chilly but the weather for flying was the best this morning of the entire 9 days.  It is amazing to see the balloons just squeezed together being inflated and one by one gently lifting off.  Jerry flew this morning with Anna (Joe’s wife).  They landed on a dead end street very close to power lines and fences.  They had the balloon down and called us as we could not find them.

Left ABQ about 10:30am.  Drove 420 miles to the Grand Canyon.  I am staying in the park in Trailer Village.  You get electric, water and sewer.  No cable and no wifi here and my cell phone has no reception either so no mobile hotspot.  Arrived just at dusk and finished setting up in the dark.  I am very excited to once again have full electricity and water hookup.   Spent a little time straightening up my little house.  Everything is so dusty.  Albuquerque is very dusty and spending 10 days in a dirt/gravel parking lot makes for dust everywhere.

I am so confused about what time it is.  I believe at home it currently is 9:57pm, in Albuquerque it would be 8:57pm and here it is 7:57pm.

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