Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012 (Day 31) – Exploring more of the Grand Canyon

Started out about 8:30am today.  There are three shuttles – the blue one that takes you around the “village” portion…the lodges, campgrounds, market place, etc, etc.  If you want to see the scenic stops on the western portion of the South Rim, you ride the red bus.  If you want to see the scenic stops on the eastern portion of the South Rim, you ride the orange bus.  I did the red bus yesterday so I went on the orange bus today.    I liked the stops on the orange bus better.  Maybe I was just in a better mood….after about five stops it all just looks about the same.    The weather was sunny and warm again today.

I saw some young men that climbed way out on a rock that sticks out in the canyon and again many, many people choosing to go way too close to the edge.

Looking very closely for the idiots that climbed out to the edge

I went back to the trailer about 3:30 and was reading when a lady came to my door.  She is across the way from me in a very expensive motorhome (bus).  She said that when she got up this morning to take her dog out that a deer was right outside my door eating off the tree.  She had some pictures on her Iphone.  She is going to try to text them to me.

On Sunday when I drove up 64 highway to the Grand Canyon, I noticed this quirky place about 25 miles south of the canyon.  I was running late and did not stop so I decided to drive back down there this afternoon.  I guess you would call it a roadside attaction.  It is a store, cafe and campground called “Bedrock City”.  Behind the store is a life size Flintstones village.  The buildings were cute.  They do have some age on them and everything was not in great condition but it was amusing. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/11289

I was back in the Egg by 6:30pm.

Tomorrow I am moving on to Zion National Park.

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