Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012 (Day 32) – Moving on to Zion National Park

Left the Grand Canyon Trailer Village about 9:30am.  When I drove to the Grand Canyon, I came in the south entrance.  Today I left thru the east entrance.  There are severals stops along that drive to view the Grand Canyon.  I personally liked these stops more than the ones I had done the previous two days.

Another beautiful sunny day.  Drove 290 miles today.  It was a great drive.  Drove this morning in the sun thru a national forest to the stark beauty of Utah.  Another time change.  So I am now one hour time difference instead of two hours from home.  Between the confusion over the time difference and stopping too many times, I made it to the RV Park after dark.  This is the first time this trip I have arrived after dark.  I am staying at the Zion River Resort RV Park.  I am here for three nights.

Full hookups here including cable (Yeah!) and wifi.  I have not had TV for two weeks.

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