Monday, Oct 22, 2012 (Day 37) – Capitol Reef National Park

Left Bryce Canyon City this morning at 9:30 and drove 135 miles to Torrey, Utah.

I got here about noon.  Weather forecasts were calling for high winds and gusting from noon to midnight today so I wanted to be off the highway with the Egg by noon.

There was some wind during the drive (much of it at my back…good for the gas mileage) but the EggCamper never swayed.  Saw tumbleweeds during the drive blowing across the road.

I am staying at the Thousand Lakes RV Park in Torrey, UT.  Not much here, RV parks, motels, a few restaurants, one grocery market.  It is the end of the season here.  I am here for two nights.  The park is closing for the season on Friday.

I drove thru Capitol Reef National Park this afternoon.  I really enjoyed this park.  No crowds and you can drive clear down to the bottom of the canyon.

It is very windy.  Can you get seasick in a travel trailer?  The winds should be calming down soon.

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