Tuesday, February 12, 2013 (Day 8) – Parades in the Rain

So the policy in Mobile is that parades go on in all weather unless there are high winds or lightning.  So at 11:00am I left for downtown Mobile.  It was gently raining.  I watched three parades.

The rain varied from a gentle mist to a pretty good downpour over the afternoon.  Everyone was wet…the spectators, the float riders and the bands.  The only saving grace is that is was over 60 degrees so at least I was warm and wet.

It is still very interesting to observe how people act at these parades.  You expect children to want everything they can get but it is surprising what grown adults will do.

Today was the normal beads and cups along with the moonpies.  In addition was a lot of Little Debbie snacks…many times entire boxes thrown.  They also had small packages of chips and candy.  They also throw some stuffed animals.  All sizes including rarely a very, very large stuffed animal.  I read that the stuffed animals are pre-owned….I would believe that as none of them were packaged or had any kind of tags on them.

I left downtown at 4:00pm and went back to the trailer.  I have wet everything hanging in the shower and on hooks everywhere.  I had some soup and toast for dinner and am getting ready to move on tomorrow.

P1040118 (640x480)

P1040126 (640x480)

P1040129 (640x480)

The photo below shows a big puddle..it was a few inches deep.  I saw a grown man with his arms already so full he could not hold anything else dive into this puddle to catch something……he was laying down in the puddle to keep someone else from getting whatever it was.P1040130 (640x480)

P1040132 (640x480)

Above is my haul from Mobile….and I really was not trying very hard to catch stuff and I gave away a bunch of moonpies and stuff to the kids next to me.

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