Tuesday, February 19, 2013 (Day 15)–Finally….Sunny and Warm

Finally it was warm and sunny today.  It hit 70 today and was beautiful!!  I spent most of the afternoon outside.  I walked on the beach and checked Gator Lake for an alligator three times today….still no alligators.  Saw more deer today. 

I watched some surfers, watched birds at the boat ramp and then watched the sunset.

One of the odd things I saw today.  This couple walked by and they were pushing a stroller with the top seat portion removed so that all that was left was the wheels, handle and bottom flat section.  On the bottom section was a dog pillow with a small/medium size dog being pushed along.  I am not much on dog breeds but it looked kind of like a small bulldog.

IMG_0046 (640x427)IMG_0057 (640x427)IMG_0060 (640x427)IMG_9871 (640x427)IMG_9881 (640x427)IMG_9888 (640x427)IMG_9892 (640x427)IMG_9905 (640x427)IMG_9915 (427x640)IMG_9928 (640x427)IMG_9932 (640x427)IMG_9934 (640x427)IMG_9935 (427x640)IMG_9959 (427x640)IMG_9968 (640x427)IMG_9970 (640x427)

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