Friday, February 22, 2013 (Day 18)–Driving from Panama City Beach, FL to Spring Hill, Fl

Left St. Andrews State Park at 8:40am this morning.  Drove in rain about the first 100 miles.  There was definitely not much to look at during the drive…….trees, pine trees, cypress trees, more trees, a few small towns.  Drove 305 miles today.

Thankfully I had an audiobook to listen to along the way.  I love Cracker Barrel and their audiobook program.  You buy an audiobook for full price at any location.  After you have listened to it, you return it to any Cracker Barrel location and they refund the amount minus $3.49 per week that you have had the audiobook.  I am on my 3rd audiobook this trip so far.

I am overnighting in Spring Hill, FL.  I am now in the Eastern time zone.   At 5:00pm here it was 79 degrees and humid.  I have the air conditioner on in my trailer.

2 thoughts on “Friday, February 22, 2013 (Day 18)–Driving from Panama City Beach, FL to Spring Hill, Fl

  1. That’s interesting about the audiobooks–I had no idea that Cracker Barrel did that.
    All our trees had a thin coating of ice on them this morning–it was actually pretty this morning with the sun shining on them–all sparkly. It got warm enough this afternoon that the ice kept melting off. I went into town to have lunch with a friend at our local Thai restaurant and every time I drove under a power line or some branches I got drips on my windshield. We could get snow again on Monday–oh well, it is still winter (only 34 more days til the first day of spring)

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