Sunday, February 24, 2013 (Day 20)–More Sea Fog

The Sea Fog continued again today.  Still very warm and humid in the mid to high 70’s and overcast.

I drove up the coast to check out a couple of other beaches.  I went to Honeymoon Island State Park.

P1040420 (640x480)

Then I stopped at Clearwater Beach.  Definitely a more crowded and commercial beach….lots of people.

P1040429 (640x480)P1040434 (640x480)

P1040430 (640x480)

Then I drove back to the campground and walked thru the campsites.  It was about 5:00pm when I took the campground photos.

IMG_0221 (640x427)IMG_0241 (640x427)IMG_0246 (640x427)IMG_0247 (640x427)P1040435 (640x480)P1040436 (640x480)P1040438 (640x480)P1040440 (640x480)P1040441 (640x480)


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