Monday, February 25, 2013 (Day 21)–Busch Gardens

Today I went to Busch Gardens theme park.  I have been to all of the Orlando parks but had never made it over to Tampa to Busch Gardens.  It is about an hour from the campground to the park.

It was hot and humid today.  It was 80 by noon.  I know at home they are supposed to get somewhere between 6-12 inches of snow tonight.

I thought of Kevin today as Busch Gardens has several world class roller coasters that he would love.

The park was lovely with a lot of flowers and green foliage that also helps with shading the park.

P1040443 (480x640)P1040446 (640x480)P1040447 (640x480)P1040459 (640x480)IMG_0265 (640x427)IMG_0266 (640x427)IMG_0269 (640x427)IMG_0279 (640x427)IMG_0311 (640x427)IMG_0327 (640x427)IMG_0341 (640x427)IMG_0347 (640x427)IMG_0292 (640x427)IMG_0390 (640x427)IMG_0402 (640x427)IMG_0407 (640x427)IMG_0412 (640x427)IMG_0349 (640x427)IMG_0338 (640x427)

IMG_0364 (640x427)IMG_0379 (640x427)IMG_0358 (640x427)IMG_0362 (640x427)

After I left the park I went to IKEA.  I love all the modern, contemporary merchandise but I only get to go to IKEA when I am on vacation as there are no IKEA’s near home.

After I left there I stopped at a McDonald’s for a Dr Pepper for the drive home.  As I was pulling away from the drive-thru window I saw a chicken in the parking lot of McDonald’s.  What is a chicken doing in the middle of urban Tampa wandering around a McDonald’s??

P1040482 (640x480)

On the way back to the campground I hit rush hour traffic…boy Tampa has traffic.  I noticed yesterday on Sunday that there was a lot of traffic for a Sunday.

I am hitching up and moving on in the morning.

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