Friday, March 1, 2013 (Day 25)–Chickens Everywhere

So I left the campground about 9:30am to drive to Key West.  It was foggy and overcast this morning.  By the time I found a parking lot to park in Key West it was a little after 11:00am.  Parking is a challenge!

I got on the Old Town Trolley Tour at 11:30 and rode the entire route for 90 minutes.  It was interesting.  It started to gently rain about half way thru.  Thankfully the trolley had windows that roll up.

After the tour I had some lunch and then went to tour the “Harry S Truman Little White House”.  This is a home that President Truman loved to visit during his presidency.  Other presidents have stayed there as well.  It is furnished as it was when President Truman visited in the 1950’s.  The tour guide was excellent and it was an interesting tour about the house and the president.

After the tour I walked around and went into some shops.  It was overcast and sprinkling all afternoon.  By 5:00 I was done.  It was 66 degrees when I got in the car.  They are doing road construction on the main highway in Key West so traffic is an issue as well.  I got back to the trailer at about 7:00pm.

Key West definitely feels like a party town.  There are a lot of bars and most of them are open in the front so it really spills out on the sidewalks as well.  During the day it felt mostly like tourist (many off the cruise ships that dock here) but by late afternoon it was definitely beginning to feel rowdier and more adult.

I had always heard about the chickens in Key West.  Well it is true there are chickens/roosters everywhere and you hear the roosters all day long.  The chickens are protected and you can get a $500 fine for messing with a chicken and can get jail time if you kill one.

The entire island of Key West is 2 miles wide by 4 miles long.

Here are some photos from my day…

P1040517 (640x480)P1040524 (640x480)P1040531 (640x480)P1040533 (640x480)P1040535 (640x480)P1040538 (640x480)P1040542 (640x480)P1040544 (640x480)P1040548 (640x480)P1040551 (640x480)P1040552 (480x640)P1040553 (640x480)P1040563 (640x480)

2 thoughts on “Friday, March 1, 2013 (Day 25)–Chickens Everywhere

  1. Lovely and interesting entry. What is the red house with the “Dancing with the Stars” statue out front. Sorry, I’ve been reading abou the upcoming season of that show.

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