Saturday, March 2, 2013 (Day 26)–Hanging Out

Today was a planned down day as I am planning busy days for the next few.  Went into town for several hours and drove around the town….I saw where the rich folk live and where the non-rich folk live. The rich folk have some big boats.  It was cool here again today.  I had a jacket on most of the time. 

I checked out the coastline in a couple of areas.  The keys are definitely not a place to come for the beaches.  On the tour in Key West yesterday they said that they buy and import sand from other parts of Florida to have some sand beaches.

I went to the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center.  I would not recommend it to anyone else.  All I saw was a lot of trees.  One tree in particular I did like.  Below are photos of the blossoms in that tree.  One of the shots has a bee…can you see it?

So here are today’s photos and I am moving on tomorrow…..

IMG_0476 (640x427)IMG_0477 (640x427)IMG_0488 (640x427)IMG_0492 (640x427)IMG_0498 (640x427)IMG_0501 (640x427)IMG_0502 (640x427)IMG_0504 (640x427)


4 thoughts on “Saturday, March 2, 2013 (Day 26)–Hanging Out

  1. Sorry, but I’m pretty sure you are the only one who would notice that. Had you not pointed it out, I’d have not seen it.

  2. I have to agree with Kevin on this one–I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned it. I’ve heard some pretty wild things about Key West, am enjoying seeing your commentary on it.

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