Sunday, March 3, 2012 (Day 27)–Alligators!!!!

So I left Marathon about 8:30am this morning and drove about 120 miles to Everglades National Park to take the Shark Valley Tram Tour.

I took the 1:00pm tour that took us on a 15 mile loop into the Everglades.  It was 2 hours long with a 20 minute stop to go up a tower.  It was about 65 or so today with a chilly breeze.  It was a chilly ride.  The alligators were everywhere and you just walk right by them. Between the tour and walking around the visitor center I probably saw 100 alligators just laying around in the sun.

The tour guide says the only alligator attack the park has ever had on a human was when a 10 year old boy riding a bike lost control and fell into the water on top of an alligator. 

IMG_0694 (640x427)

After the tour I drove 35 miles to the Miami campground I am staying in for 3 nights.  It is a large county owned campground with 240 sites next to a 275 acre public park. 

This evening I did a couple of loads of laundry.

Here are some photos from the everglades…………..

IMG_0515 (640x427)IMG_0518 (640x427)IMG_0556 (640x427)IMG_0569 (427x640)IMG_0573 (640x427)IMG_0574 (640x427)IMG_0575 (640x427)IMG_0590 (640x427)IMG_0653 (640x427)IMG_0655 (427x640)IMG_0666 (427x640)IMG_0676 (640x427)IMG_0679 (640x427)

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