Monday, March 4, 2013 (Day 28)–Riding the Big Red Bus

I allowed two days to spend in Miami so I chose to buy a 48 hour ticket on the Big Bus Tours/Island Queen Boat.  This is a hop on/hop off bus with a City Loop and a Beach Loop.  The traffic here is pretty bad so I wanted to drive in the city as little as possible.  The closest stop to get on the bus is 13 miles from the campground in an area called Coconut Grove. 

P1040567 (640x480)

Of course I rode on the top….you have to ride on the top and get windblown or it is no fun.

We went by the Biltmore Hotel, thru the Coral Gables neighborhood and Little Havana.  60% of the people in this county speak Spanish, some older generations only speak Spanish while the younger generations are bi-lingual.

IMG_0715 (640x427)IMG_0720 (640x427)IMG_0727 (427x640)IMG_0735 (640x427)

In the picture above the guy is selling coconuts on the street out of the back of a van.  He used a big knife to chunk out a piece and then would stick a straw in it for people to drink.

I got off the bus at Bayfront Park to get on the boat.  This is a thriving tourist mecca where tour boats and cruise ships dock.  Shopping, dining, bars, etc. 

The boat was a 90 minute tour that circles out to Star Island and back.  It was sunny and a smooth boat ride.

IMG_0740 (640x427)IMG_0746 (640x427)IMG_0759 (640x427)

Star Island is a man made island with 35 homes on it.  Most of the homes are owned by celebrities or high profile, wealthy business men.

Rosie O’Donnell and Gloria Estefan currently live there.  Elizabeth Taylor lived there.

IMG_0765 (640x427)IMG_0778 (640x427)IMG_0779 (640x427)IMG_0786 (640x427)IMG_0791 (640x427)IMG_0795 (640x427)IMG_0805 (640x427)IMG_0820 (640x427)

By the time I got back to Coconut Grove and left for the campground it was just before 5:00pm.  It took 45 minutes to go 13 miles. 

Tomorrow I will go and do the Beach Loop.

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