Thursday, March 7, 2013 (Day 31)–Ormond Beach, FL

So I left Jupiter, FL about 10:30 this morning and meandered my way north.  Drove 220 miles to Ormond Beach, FL where I am staying tonight at Tomoka State Park.  Ormond Beach is at the north end of the Daytona Beach area. 

This is my fifth visit to the Daytona Beach area.  The previous four visits (about a total of 11 weeks over the past 6 years) were spent in a rental condo in Daytona Beach Shores which is on the south end of the area.  I had flown in for those trips.

Kevin – I thought of you today…guess what I had for lunch….grapes and cheese

Mom & Violet – you might remember this park…we drove a scenic loop to the north of Daytona that ended in a state park.  You drive on a two lane highway thru the state park with the trees growing together over the highway for several miles.  I think we even paid the entrance fee and drove into the park but there was not much to see.  The park is actually on North Beach St. 

They have 97 sites here and they are all very nice… feel like you are in a jungle…..

P1040697 (640x480)

So Bike Week starts here tomorrow.  Most of the sites here have trailers with expensive motorcycles.

Once again I had a guy want to back up my trailer for me.  I know that guys just want to help but my gosh they want to rush in and fix everything.  I am not the best in the world at backing up but most of the time I get the job done….I might have to back up and go forward a 100 times but I eventually get it done.  I had barely begun to back in when the neighbor guy (I think he might be French Canadian…English was not his first language) came over and wanted to back it up for me.

I nicely told him I could do it and he settled for directing me.

I unhitched the trailer and drove across the bridge to see the ocean.  It was only about 61 degrees with a breeze so it was chilly but I stopped at a couple of access points and took some photos in the last half hour of daylight.  Driving and parking is allowed on about 17 miles of the beach in the Daytona Beach area. 

IMG_0855 (640x427)IMG_0861 (640x427)IMG_0864 (640x427)IMG_0871 (640x427)IMG_0872 (640x427)IMG_0895 (640x427)IMG_0904 (640x427)IMG_0907 (640x427)IMG_0908 (640x427)IMG_0922 (640x427)


My TV antenna is not picking up any stations tonight.  I think the vegetation is too thick here.

3 thoughts on “Thursday, March 7, 2013 (Day 31)–Ormond Beach, FL

  1. Hi Gayle, just wanted to say we are really enjoying your daily blogs ever since we met you at St Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach!

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