Saturday, March 9, 2013 (Day 33)–Goodbye Florida–Hello Georgia

I left the campground at Flagler Beach this morning about 10:30am.  It was warm and sunny.  About 15 miles north on A1A was Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.  I stopped for an hour to walk thru and check it out.  A lovely “old Florida” park.  A very enjoyable morning walk.

IMG_1147 (640x427)IMG_1228 (427x640)IMG_1233 (640x427)IMG_1239 (640x427)IMG_1247 (640x427)P1040773 (640x480)P1040776 (640x480)

While I was wandering thru the park I came across a father and teenage son that were fishing.  They were catching small fish and giving them to a heron.  The heron would pick the fish up with its beak and then turn the fish around in its beak somehow until it was just right and then swallow the fish head first.

IMG_1164 (640x427)IMG_1175 (640x427)IMG_1176 (640x427)IMG_1185 (640x427)IMG_1198 (640x427)


I continued north up A1A thru St. Augustine.  I noticed the sign for the Lighthouse so I stopped for a few moments to take a few photos.

IMG_1252 (427x640)P1040799 (480x640)

IMG_1251 (427x640)

I went over this cool bridge..

P1040809 (480x640)P1040811 (480x640)

I left Florida and crossed into Georgia.  I arrived at Jekyll Island Campground at 4:00pm.  I am spending two nights here.  One good thing about this campground……CABLE!!….88 channels!!  I will say that the sites are so very close together….no privacy…I will post some pictures tomorrow.

I did go across the road to the picnic area for sunset…it was not a very pretty sunset tonight….pretty cloudy and moody…

IMG_1257 (640x427)P1040816 (640x480)

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