Tuesday, March 12, 2012 (Day 36)–Goodbye Georgia–Hello South Carolina

I left Skidaway State Park about 10:30am this morning.  It was gently raining/misting.  I drove about five miles to Wormsloe State Historic Site.  I was not really interested in the actual historic site but this is the place that has a spectacular avenue of over 400 live oaks that leads to the site.  This avenue was used in the movie “Forrest Gump”.

Unfortunately the sun refused to come out but here are a few photos..

IMG_1383 (640x427)IMG_1393 (640x427)IMG_1397 (640x427)IMG_1398 (640x427)IMG_1407 (640x427)IMG_1408 (640x427)IMG_1426 (640x427)

I then drove about 85 miles to Hunting Island State Park outside of Beaufort, SC.  My path lead me thru downtown Savannah which is a beautiful city.  While I was at a red light I noticed this on the corner..it was right across the street from where my mom and sisters and I got on the trolley for a tour of Savannah a few years ago.

P1040911 (640x480)

I arrived at the state park about 2:30pm.  I don’t know what South Carolina is spending their money on but it is definitely not the roads.  The roads here are the absolute worst I have been on this trip.

So this park has the craziest sites I have seen yet.  My site is so strange I could not even figure out where I was supposed to park and the electric outlet is far away.  I finally went and got a camp host and he agreed that the site is strange.  He told me I could see about a different site if one was available.  My site is in the first section next to the ocean and they did not have any more in the first section.  I looked at some of the other sites and many of them were worse than the one I have. 

So I drove up the road the wrong way and backed in.  My spare tire on the back bumper is one inch from a tree.  There is not enough room to put down my back jacks.  I tried to put my stack jacks under the back and they were too tall as well.  I finally stacked up some orange blocks and put under one side of the bumper in the back.  My electric cord just barely reached the electric box.  I have a couple of collapsible safety cones so I put one by the cord hanging out there.  I am pretty close to the bath/shower house and if someone decided to cut thru they might run into my cord.

One of the neighbors came over to see how I had made out.  He said that they had this site last year and it took him 30 minutes to get his trailer in. 

In the photos below, you will see a fence.  Beyond that fence is the dunes and the ocean.  In the second photo all the bare space is also part of my site.  The neighbor said he parked on that spot last year.  I don’t think my electric cord would have stretched from there.

P1040913 (640x480)P1040914 (640x480)P1040915 (640x480)P1040919 (640x480)


After all that I went to the beach and walked.   They have a beach erosion problem on this island.  It was nice and warm here today.  It is supposed to be cooler the next couple of days.

IMG_1437 (640x427)IMG_1459 (640x427)P1040922 (640x480)P1040924 (640x480) (2)

About 6:30pm I drove to the other end of the island to see if I could find a good place for a sunset photo.

P1040933 (640x480)P1040938 (640x480)P1040948 (480x640)P1040960 (640x480)P1040963 (480x640)P1040972 (640x480)P1040977 (640x480)P1040987 (640x480)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 12, 2012 (Day 36)–Goodbye Georgia–Hello South Carolina

    • This is the first park I have been in that did not give me a campground map/brochure at check in. I went to the camp store this afternoon and asked where the laundry was and they don’t have one. I can’t believe they have 200 sites and no on-site laundry.

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