Saturday, March 16, 2013 (Day 40)–Exploring Charleston, SC

I drove into downtown Charleston today (about 15 minutes).  I wandered thru the city market (2 blocks of shops) and other shops along the way.  It was beautiful today.  I believe it hit 80 degrees.

I decided I wanted to take a carriage tour.  They are very popular here.  There are at least six carriage tour companies.  In fact the city regulates where the carriages go to help with the traffic situation and the amount of carriages.  Once the carriage is full they pull up to a traffic hut and are told which of the three approved routes to take.

I wanted to eat a little lunch before taking the tour so I found a little pizza shop that seemed to be doing a pretty good business.  They offered one slice of pizza and a soda for $5.  They even bake it to order.  The waitress brought out the biggest slice of pizza I have seen in my life.  The slice was from a 28 inch pizza.   It was pretty good.

The carriage tour was good.  It was a beautiful day and the tour guide was excellent.  It was about an hour long.  After the tour I walked around the historic district for a couple of hours.

I love wrought iron so this is the city for me.

IMG_1604 (640x427)IMG_1607 (427x640)P1050086 (640x480)P1050090 (640x480)P1050091 (640x480)P1050092 (640x480)P1050093 (640x480)P1050094 (640x480)P1050095 (640x480)P1050096 (640x480)P1050099 (640x480)P1050101 (640x480)P1050104 (640x480)P1050105 (640x480)P1050106 (640x480)P1050107 (640x480)P1050110 (640x480)P1050112 (640x480)P1050114 (640x480)P1050118 (640x480)P1050121 (640x480)P1050122 (640x480)P1050124 (640x480)P1050126 (640x480)P1050127 (640x480)P1050128 (640x480)P1050129 (640x480)P1050131 (640x480)P1050135 (480x640)P1050136 (640x480)P1050138 (640x480)P1050140 (640x480)

We passed a tree in a park with beautiful blooms.  The tour guide says it is a “Peppermint Peach Tree”.  They are non-fruit bearing.  The pictures below are from the same tree which has three different colors of blooms.

IMG_1591 (640x427)IMG_1593 (640x427)IMG_1596 (640x427)IMG_1602 (640x427)

I needed to go to Cracker Barrel to change out to a new audiobook.  On the way to the restaurant a sign caught my eye and I had to turn around and go to…

P1050141 (640x480)

I thought of you Mom….I know you are jealous….

I made it back to the campground in time for a couple of shots in the last light of the day.

P1050145 (640x480)P1050146 (640x480)

Here is my new traveling partner  His name is Eggbert.…..he is quiet, does not need to be walked, fed or cleaned up after and always lands on his feet!  Smile   Eggbert living in an EggCamper….get it! 

P1050154 (640x480)P1050158 (640x480)

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