Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (Day 43)–Atalaya

It warmed up after lunch nicely and hit at least 70 today.  At 2:00pm I took the tour here at the state park of the Atalaya property.  This is an unusual house built here by the wealthy Huntington’s in 1931-1933.  The state park property actually belongs to Brookgreen Gardens across the highway and is leased to the state.  The property was left by the Huntington’s.

P1050196 (640x480)P1050197 (640x480)P1050205 (640x480)P1050207 (640x480)

IMG_1765 (427x640)IMG_1767 (640x427)IMG_1774 (640x427)IMG_1779 (640x427)IMG_1787 (427x640)IMG_1789 (427x640)IMG_1817 (640x427)IMG_1820 (427x640)

After the tour I went into town for a few hours.  After I ate some dinner I went back out to the causeway and shot the following…

IMG_1846 (640x427)IMG_1851 (640x427)IMG_1866 (640x427)IMG_1875 (640x427)IMG_1902 (640x427)IMG_1931 (640x427)IMG_1965 (640x427)IMG_1984 (640x427)IMG_1994 (640x427)

IMG_2009 (640x427) - CopyIMG_2011 (427x640) - CopyIMG_2013 (640x427) - CopyIMG_2024 (640x427) - CopyIMG_2025 (427x640) - CopyIMG_2026 (640x427) - CopyIMG_2036 (640x427) - CopyIMG_2040 (640x427) - CopyP1050209 (640x480) - CopyP1050213 (640x480) - CopyP1050214 (480x640) - CopyP1050220 (480x640) - CopyP1050222 (480x640)P1050227 (640x480)P1050231 (480x640)P1050232 (640x480)P1050238 (640x480)

5 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (Day 43)–Atalaya

  1. If this vacation thing ends, you might find your second career in photo’s, they are all good. I even see some that would make great wall paper. Girl you have a keen eye for things. Keep It up. j.

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