Wednesday, March 20, 2013 (Day 44)–Ocean Lakes Family Campground

I have a couple of days to kill till my next destination reservation so I moved 10 miles north down the road to Ocean Lakes Family Campground.  They had one oceanfront site opening so I decided to check out the campground for one night.  Since it is winter the cost for the night was $38.08 which includes taxes.  Full hook ups including cable.  In the summer the site runs $73 plus tax per night.

Ocean Lakes is a mega park.  They have 893 campground sites.  They have 2554 annual lease site houses, cottages, condos, etc as well.  The property runs almost one mile oceanfront. 

Here is my oceanfront view…

P1050242 (640x480)

Here is my oceanfront view when you stand on the picnic table..

P1050243 (640x480)

Here is my site….

P1050245 (640x480)

I walked around and took some pictures.  This place has been around for many years so it is very interesting to look at all the properties.  You see a few run down single wide trailers to brand new two story homes and every style and every size of home.  They are scrunched in here with very little space in between.  Some people live here all the time and some of them are available for rent. 

IMG_2104 (640x427)IMG_2106 (640x427)IMG_2121 (640x427)P1050254 (640x480)P1050257 (640x480)P1050258 (640x480)P1050259 (640x480)P1050260 (640x480)P1050261 (640x480)P1050263 (480x640)

Here are some photos of the ocean…it is chilly here today so I did not stay long on the beach.

IMG_2053 (640x427)IMG_2071 (640x427)IMG_2072 (640x427)IMG_2084 (640x427)IMG_2086 (640x427)IMG_2092 (640x427)IMG_2097 (640x427)

I also did some “housecleaning” today….

P1050239 (640x480)

Get it….the eggcamper is my house and I washed it at the car wash….both the car and the camper really need a good scrubbing but they were both covered in pine tree pollen and I just wanted to get some of it off.  It is everywhere here….piles of yellow pollen.


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