Friday, March 22, 2013 (Day 46)–Outer Banks, NC

I left the New Bern, NC campground at 9:30am this morning.  It was 36 degrees when I left there.  I drove about 200 miles to Frisco, NC on The Outer Banks.

I am spending three nights at the Frisco Woods Campground.  They have 150 RV sites, 100 tent sites and 32 camping cabins and they are located on the Pamlico Sound.  The high today was 47 degrees with a chilly wind.  The forecast for tonight is 35.  I believe it is supposed to be slightly warmer the next couple of days.  I think there are maybe campers in six sites here. 

IMG_2131 (640x427)IMG_2142 (640x427)P1050284 (640x480)

I arrived at the campground about 2:30pm, set up and then left to drive around a little.  I stopped at the grocery store to pick up something for dinner. 

I got back to the trailer about 5:30pm.   I saw a kite boarder on the water. 

IMG_2148 (640x427)IMG_2150 (640x427)P1050290 (480x640)

Today I figured out that hair bands make pretty good curtain holders.

P1050278 (480x640)

Here are some sunset photos out of the windows in my trailer.

P1050307 (640x480) (2)P1050310 (640x480)

Here are some sunset photos from outside.  I was freezing in the few minutes I was outside taking the photos.  I need to find my gloves and heavy coat.  I am not sure where they are.  My plan was to leave for home on Monday and be home by the weekend.  Based on the current forecast for home I might need to wait a few more days.

P1050298 (640x480)P1050302 (640x480)P1050319 (640x480)P1050334 (640x480)

5 thoughts on “Friday, March 22, 2013 (Day 46)–Outer Banks, NC

  1. Yes, the weather in this part of the country is definitely not spring-like, although it might be better the closer you get to Easter. We had four inches of snow overnight–I’m surprised at how much of it melted today because it only got to about 40 degrees today. I didn’t have satellite service until almost noon today–my dish was full of snow.

  2. This campground looks nice! Are there many sites with a view like you had?? The sunset pictures are wonderful!! We’re going to miss your travel log after you return home. Would like to stay on your e-mail list when you plan your next trip:) Safe travels! If you ever come to the Eastern Shore of MD, we’ll have a place for you!

    • They have about 40 sites that they consider sound front. Honestly I am pretty much taking up two sites. I am the only camper in the B section and they said I could choose whatever I wanted. I backed in so I could see the sound out of my side windows. I don’t have a back window. So I have my cable hooked into B18 and my electric and water hooked into B17.

      I will definitely let you know about future trips and will look you up if Maryland is on my list. Thanks for your support.

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