Sunday, March 24, 2013 (Day 48)–Dreary, Rainy, Windy

It was in the low 50’s here today but no sun, rain on and off and very windy made for an unpleasant day.  I went out for lunch and stopped at a couple of stores and drove around till 3:30pm. 

Thankfully I have cable here.  It is extremely windy in the last two hours.  I hope this does not last all night or I probably won’t sleep too well.  I am very happy I hitched the trailer to the car this afternoon when it stopped raining or I might be floating in the sound. 

I just went out and cranked the jack up a couple of turns to try to get less sway.  I think it helped.  It is not raining now just wild wind.

I had an email from Mom that they got eight inches of snow and their electricity was off for five hours.  I see that the boys are getting another snow day tomorrow.  I believe that is the eighth snow day this school year for them. 

The original plan was to leave here tomorrow and head northwest thru Virginia and West Virginia.  Well…that plan will no longer work.  So the second plan was to leave here and head southwest but they are calling for some significant wind gusts in North Carolina tomorrow.  I will see how things are in the morning.  I thought I might have trouble with the weather when I began the trip in early Feb.  I never thought about having issues with the weather in late March.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday, March 24, 2013 (Day 48)–Dreary, Rainy, Windy

  1. Hope you get home okay. We had four inches of snow on the first day of spring. Most of it was melted by the next afternoon. We’ve had very strong winds yesterday (Sunday) and today–some gusts 35 m.p.h. Guesss we got spoiled by our mild winter last year.

  2. Ever heard “beware the ides of March”? I think I know what that means now. Best of luck going
    home. The weather is real goofy all over. What ever route you take, I wish you Luck and Prayers. Keep in touch. Juan.

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