Monday, July 15, 2013 (Day 3)–Durango, CO

Left the RV Park at 9:00am. Stopped at the Great Sand Dunes Park for a short visit. You can rent sand sleds and sand boards to go down the dunes.  It had rained in the night so the sand was damp and made it easier to walk in.

Drove 180 miles to Durango, CO. Up and down a few mountains.  The scenery is definitely better than Kansas.

I am staying at the United Campground for four nights in Durango.  It is a little different.  It is on a hillside.  I am on the top level.  At the bottom of the hill are railroad tracks that run thru the RV Park.  Six times a day the Durango & Silverton Steam Train goes thru the park as they take paying passengers up to Silverton and back.  I looked into riding the train but decided against it.  The cheapest ticket is $85 and that is for an open-air railcar.  They have several different classes to choose from with the most expensive being $189 per person. 

After settling in at the RV Park I drove to the historic downtown and walked around checking everything out.

Durango is a nice town.  Population 17,000, elevation 6512 ft. 

The Animas River runs thru the town.  Durango is surrounded by the San Juan Mountains.  Tourism is big in Durango.  Fishing, rafting, hiking, bicycling, tubing are big here.



On the drive to Durango, in the middle of nowhere on the side of a two-lane highway I spotted the following and of course I had to stop and taking pictures




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