Saturday, July 13, 2013 (Day 1)–South Kansas

So… Dad’s surgery was cancelled this week and I don’t have any hot job prospects at the moment so on Thursday I decided that I was going to take off for a couple of weeks. I put the Eggcamper in the shop on Friday to have the wheel bearings packed, took it to the car wash and gave it a scrubbing Friday afternoon and Saturday morning threw some things in and took off at 10:00am.

I drove thru south Kansas. I stopped in Wichita for gas and an audiobook from Cracker Barrel. I stopped in Dodge City, KS for the night. It was 385 miles from home. I overnighted at the Gunsmoke Trav-L-Park.  It was pretty basic but it was safe and the only game in town. I saw several high dollar rigs in the back section. It was 104 degrees when I stopped for the night. Between a small air conditioner and not a huge amount of insulation in the Egg it was not the most pleasant evening I have spent in the Egg.

Elevation – 2493 ft – I had no cell service in most of Kansas.

There is certainly not much to see in south Kansas. I drove thru The Flint Hills of Kansas. If there had not been a sign I am not sure I would have noticed.

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