Friday, July 19, 2013 (Day 7)–Moving On to Manitou Springs, CO

Left Durango at 9:30 am and drove 325 miles to Manitou Springs, CO (suburb of Colorado Springs).  I made several stops along the way so I did not get to the park until 6:30pm or so.  Drove in some rain along the way.

I am in the Pike’s Peak RV Park.  The spaces here are very small.  It is about 10 feet between you and your neighbor.  I am backed up to a small river.  I thought that was great until the park owner gave me flash flood evacuation instructions.  The recent fires burned up the vegetation that used to absorb and slow down rain run off.

The location of the RV park is great.  There are several restaurants within walking distance, Garden of the Gods is 1/2 mile away, the train depot to Pike’s Peak is 2 miles away. 



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