Saturday, July 20, 2013 (Day 8)–Garden of the Gods

Stopped at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center and had lunch with a view…..


After lunch I drove into the park.  Unfortunately it was too crowded for a good visit.  There were no parking spaces at most of the scenic areas and it was warming up pretty fast so I left without seeing everything….


I stopped at a few stores in the afternoon.  I went back to the park about 5:00pm.  I walked up to the local pizza place across the street from the park and got a small pizza and took it back to the Egg.  About 7:00pm I went back to Garden of the Gods…it was still busy but not as bad.  I stayed until it started showering.  It has showered for the last few hours.


Here is a picture as I was leaving the park and you can see the rain in the distance..


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