Sunday, July 21, 2013 (Day 9)–Pike’s Peak

I had a ticket for the 9:20 train to Pike’s Peak.  I had to arrive 30 minutes early to pick up my ticket. The depot is only 2 miles from the RV park.  The ticket was $35 and parking was $5.  Here is a photo of the train depot.


All the tickets are assigned seating by the railroad company.  I was lucky to get a window seat facing forward.  The seats were 3 seats on one side of an aisle and 2 seats on the other.  The uncomfortable part is that the seats are back to back so you are facing people and are knee to knee with them.

The trip is 1 hr and 20 min up then you get 30 minutes at the top and then 1 hr and 20 min back down.  It is 30-40 degrees colder at the top and very windy.   I was smart and wore jeans and took a heavy coat.  Many others were in shorts and flip flops and freezing.


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