#109 – Sept. 6, 2013–Kansas Eggstravaganza

I am in Milford, KS at the Farnum Creek Campground on Milford Lake.  I am attending an egg camper rally.  All of the egg shaped fiberglass trailers are known as egg campers.  There are different versions.  Mine just happens to be called EggCamper.  There are about 30 trailers here.  They are all Casita and Scamp except me and one other trailer.

The campground is about 210 miles from home.  It is about 11 miles north of Junction City, KS.

When I arrived about 4:30pm it was 99 degrees……too, too hot for me. 

My hot spot is working but no tv reception here.  There was a potluck tonight and then someone is playing a portable keyboard.    Here are a few photos:





The trailer above was made in 1970.

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