#112 – Friday, Sept. 13, 2103–River Valley Egg Rally–Day 2

Drove thru downtown Van Buren and then shopped in Fort Smith and had lunch at Cheddars.  It was okay.  I visited several thrift stores.  The Savers thrift store in Fort Smith was voted the best thrift store in Arkansas last year.  I wonder who votes and how they vote??  It was pretty nice.  They had a lot of new Halloween costumes.

I stopped and picked up a sandwich at Firehouse Subs and took back to the trailer for dinner.

I ate early so I could explore the park and take pictures in the “golden hour”.  That is the hour or so before sunset.  My RV site is on a creek off the Arkansas River and I enjoyed watching the geese as the sun went down.  This is a nice park.  Campsite A is on one side and Campsite B is about a mile away on the other side.  There is a lock and dam on the Arkansas River along side the park between the two sides.  After sunset I went to the picnic shelter and played bingo for a few minutes.

Here are some photos from my day:

P1050973 (640x480)

IMG_2675 (427x640)IMG_2684 (640x427)

IMG_2706 (640x427)IMG_2711 (640x427)IMG_2714 (640x427)IMG_2752 (640x427)

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