#114 – Friday, May 2, 2014 – On The Road Again

Well the plan was to leave work about 2:00pm today and drive to Springfield, MO, make a few stops and overnight.  Well I did not get away from work until 4:10pm.  I stopped in Lowry City for a quick bite, then stopped at Cracker Barrel to rent an audiobook on the north side of Springfield, made one other quick stop and I pulled into the Timbercrest RV Park on the southeast side of Springfield.

This park is pretty basic, no frills and I see quite a few that look like they live here permanently but there are also quite a few big, fancy rigs here.  I am at the front of the park near the entrance and I can see the owners house from here so I feel safe.  The owner only charged me a flat $20.00 for a full hook-up site.  There is a KOA park on the other side of town.  It was $43.00 for the night there.

This is my first outing this year.  Everything seems to be working okay.  I did have a challenge with my sink faucet.  I got some water out of it and then it stopped.  Water would come out of the shower and the toilet would flush but no water at the sink.  I went online to the fiberglass rv forums and searched and a post came up with the same issue with a resolution.  I unscrewed the end of faucet and sure enough there was gunk built up in there.  I cleaned it out and like magic I have water again in the sink.

Now……if I could just find the TV remote………..



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