Tuesday, August 19, 2014 – Jefferson City, MO

The next day I went back downtown to attend a meeting in the Truman Building.  It was put on by the Missouri Department of Economic Development to assist in applying for Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program.  The meeting was from 10:00am to noon.

I walked one block to Arris Pizza to have lunch.  It was okay.  The best part was the view.  I ate my lunch while looking at the Missouri State Capitol.  After lunch I walked across the street and walked thru the Capitol.  This was my first time in Jefferson City.

Here are a few photos from the Capitol.

P1100044 (1280x960) P1100056 (1280x960) P1100063 (1280x960) P1100064 (960x1280) P1100071 (960x1280)

After that I headed west stopping at a few stores in Jefferson City.  I stopped in Tipton at a Mennonite store and at Menards in Sedalia had some dinner and arrived home at 8:00pm.    340 miles round trip



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