#129 – Monday, Sept 29, 2014 – From 82 degrees to 35 degrees


I left the campground at 9:45am this morning.  Within 10 minutes it was gently showering and within 20 minutes I was in bumper to bumper traffic as there had been an accident.

I made it out of Minneapolis and continued on.  I drove 192 miles today with a few short stops along the way.  I am overnighting at Lakehead Boat Basin on Lake Superior.  It is actually just parking spaces with RV hookups.  The reason it is a popular place is the location to all the lakefront areas of entertainment.  When I chose to stay here the plan was to walk to the lakefront areas and enjoy a few hours.  Well…..that was before the weather changed.  It is cold and windy!

P1010067 (1280x854)

P1010072 (1280x854) P1010080 (1280x854)

P1010088 (1280x854)

I knew before I reached my overnight destination that it was too cold for me to be wandering around so I stopped at Panera and picked up dinner on the way.  My neighbors next door came over for a tour and I looked at their 20 ft Airstream.  Very nice people and very nice trailer.

Here is my view as I ate my dinner.

P1010086 (1280x854)

I had read about the Aerial Lift Bridge of Duluth.  I had driven over it to get to the RV park.  I saw a barge going by from my window so I went outside to see if it was going under the bridge.  The bridge is unusual and is the only one like it in the US.  The entire bridge deck raises straight up to allow ships to go under.  Here are some photos and it was pretty chilly taking them.

P1010076 (1280x854) P1010099 (1280x854) P1010102 (1280x854) P1010105

I went outside after dark to take a few photos and it was actually warmer than earlier in the evening.

P1010106 (1280x854) P1010107 (1280x854) P1010109 (1280x854)

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