Thursday, Oct 2, 2014 – Trees & Waterfalls

I drove about 125 miles today.  I moved on from Munising to Tahquamenon Falls State Park (second largest state park in Michigan).  The closest town is Paradise, MI.  Maybe the people that live there think it is paradise but there was not much there.  I did stop and have lunch in Paradise.  There are about five options for restaurants.  I chose Brown Fisheries Fish House as that was rated #1 of the options on TripAdvisor.  I had the fried whitefish and French fries or chips as they call them.  Whitefish is a popular fish they get from Lake Superior.  I am not a big fish person but it was pretty good.

Then I to the state park.  I was kind of killing time hoping the weather would clear some but no such luck.  It was dreary all day and misting.  So there are upper falls and lower falls, they are about 4 miles apart.  I went to the upper falls first.    It was a lovely 1/4 mile walk to the falls.


P1010440 (1280x854) P1010441 (1280x854) P1010447 (1280x854) P1010449 (1280x854) P1010454 (1280x854) P1010459 (1280x854) P1010469 (1280x854) P1010472 (854x1280) P1010473 (854x1280)

Pronounced tuh-qwa-meh-non (it rhymes with

phenomenon), Tahquamenon Falls State Park is one

of Michigan’s most popular attractions. The Upper

Falls is the main attraction, featuring an amber-colored

waterfall that is 50 feet tall and 200 feet wide. The

unique coloration of the water is due to the presence

of tannic acid in the river, which leeches naturally

from the trees and plants within the watershed.

The paved, ¼–mile walkway to the Upper Falls

meanders through a hardwood forest featuring sugar

maple, American beech and hemlock trees.

To get the best view of the falls you have to walk down 94 stairs and of course that means you must walk back up 94 stairs.  It was not bad.

Then I visited the lower falls…

P1010497 (1280x854) P1010498 (1280x854) P1010501 (1280x854)

So….it is a lovely state park with lovely fall color but it is definitely not Niagara Falls.

Here is a photo of my site… TV, no cell service, no wifi



IMG_3522 (1280x853)



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