Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014 – Trees, Rocks & Junkyard Art

Left Houghton at 10:00am (EST) and drove 165 miles to Munising, MI.

During the drive, right along the highway is a strange little stop.  It is a drive thru junkyard art collection called Lakenenland.  Here are some photos:

P1010332 (1280x854) P1010333 (1280x854) P1010339 (1280x854) P1010342 (1280x854) P1010343 (854x1280) P1010346 (1280x854) P1010348 (1280x854) P1010349 (1280x854) P1010352 (1280x854)

I stopped for lunch and has a “pasty”.  This is a regional dish that is very popular here.  It is a pie crust filled with various meats, vegetables, etc and then baked.  I was urged by the owner to try the “original version”, so I did.  It has steak, potato, rutabaga and onion.  It was okay, if I had another one I would try a different filling.

When I was researching the trip a favorite tourist activity was to take a Pictured Rocks Boat Cruise so I forked over my money and went on the 4:00pm cruise to look at these rocks.  I will say the entire day had been very overcast and dreary.  I understand the rocks are more interesting on sunny days.  It was a nice smooth cruise.  The cruise was done by 7:00pm.  Here are some photos:

P1010372 (1280x854) P1010418 (854x1280) P1010412 (1280x854)  P1010387 (1280x854)P1010380 (1280x854)P1010403 (1280x854)


I stayed overnight at Munising Tourist Park RV Park.  No TV, no cell service.

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