Friday, Oct 3, 2014 – Moving on from the UP to Door County, WI

It was gently raining this morning when I left the campground.  Drove 312 miles to Egg Harbor, WI.  It was overcast and misting or gently raining pretty much the whole trip.

P1010502 P1010504

I stopped for lunch at Big Boy

P1010508 P1010507 (1280x854)

I left at 8:40 this morning and arrived at the campground at 5:00pm.   I am happy to be back in cell service.  When I hit the Wisconsin state line, my cell phone started going crazy with text messages.

I am staying at the Egg Harbor Campground in Egg Harbor, WI.  It is a lovely campground.  I have cell service here so my hotspot works and I am getting about five tv channels with my antenna.

P1010519 (1280x854)

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