Saturday, Oct 4, 2014 – Chilly & Damp

Door County, WI has a county population of about 28,000.  It is a popular vacation destination known as “The Cape Cod of the Midwest”.  There are five state parks and twelve lighthouses.

Cherry orchards are a big deal here.  Apple orchards as well.  Artisan foods are a big deal here.  Artisan cheese, artisan bread, local dairy, locally made jams, jellies, syrup, wine, coffee and on and on.

There is a Wal-Mart, Target, McDonalds and a few other fast food chain restaurants in Sturgeon Bay at the entrance to Door County.  After you leave Sturgeon Bay there are no chain restaurants, shopping or hotels.  Shopping is pretty upscale.  Small stores stuffed with a lot of stuff on the high end of prices.  Definitely their target shoppers are yuppies.

The high today was 46 and it drizzled most of the day.  This meant all the stores were crazy busy as people could not enjoy the outdoors.  I wandered thru a dozen stores in Egg Harbor and the drove down to Sturgeon Bay and wandered thru stores there and in between.

Photos from my day..

P1010523 (1280x854) P1010524 (1280x854) P1010525 (1280x854) P1010526 (1280x854) P1010528 (1280x854) P1010530 (1280x854) P1010532 (854x1280) P1010533 (1280x854) P1010534 (854x1280)

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