Monday, Oct 6, 2014 – Finally, lovely sunshine and 58 degrees

Today the sun finally shined and it warmed up to 58 degrees!!  I took out about 9:30 this morning and just drove all over the rest of Door County.  I drove thru three state parks and numerous county, city and town parks.  If I saw the word park, I just turned in, as well as just driving down roads that looked interesting.

About 1:00 I stopped for lunch.  The spot I was in did not have many options so I chose Mike’s Port Pub.  From the outside it did not look like much but it actually was not bad inside.  My lunch was very good.

Here are a few of the 295 photos I took today…

P1010616 (1280x854) IMG_3536 (1280x853)

While I was at this little park, I noticed these plants I thought were neat looking.  There was a woman working in the park spraying the ground.  I asked her what they were and she said they were invasive phragmites.  She says they are trying to get rid of it.

IMG_3568 (1280x853) IMG_3570 (1280x853)

IMG_3586 (1280x853) IMG_3589 (853x1280)

The following were all at the same house

IMG_3592 (1280x853) IMG_3594 (1280x853) IMG_3595 (1280x853) IMG_3597 (853x1280)

IMG_3599 (1280x853) IMG_3647 (853x1280) IMG_3751 (1280x853) IMG_3773 (1280x853)


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