Tuesday, Oct 7, 2014 – Moving On to the Wisconsin Dells

I left Egg Harbor at 10:00am this morning.  Over the weekend the campground had quite a few trailers.  On Sunday most of the trailers left and by today I was the only one left in my section.

IMG_3788 (1280x853)

I made a few stops along the drive.  The sun shone on my trip most of the day and it was in the low 60’s most of the day.

In my research I had read about the “West of the Lake” Gardens in Manitowoc, WI.  They were a small garden right on the side of the highway and bordered on the other side by Lake Michigan.  It was very small.  They only has 16 parking spaces.  They did not have anything exotic but it was a lovely 20 minute break and you feel like you are at the ocean with the waves of Lake Michigan crashing in the background while you are looking at the flowers.

IMG_3802 (1280x853) IMG_3807 (1280x853) IMG_3810 (1280x853)

IMG_3819 (1280x853)

I continued on and drove by a lot of cornfields, some dairy farms and a wind farm. I arrived at Wisconsin Dells, WI KOA at 5:00pm.  I unhitched and drove around awhile and then stopped for some dinner and then back to the trailer to watch TV.  I have cable here, the first time since I left home.

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