Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014 – Exploring Wisconsin Dells


It was sunny and breezy here today, in the low 60’s.  Well I spent money again today to look at rocks.   I will say that this cruise was cheaper and I enjoyed it more.  The one I took last week was $36, the one I took today was $21.

I took the Upper Dells Boat Tour on the Wisconsin River.  It was a nice ride and you got off at two stops to walk scenic areas.

IMG_3844 (1280x853)

We saw a couple of bald eagles, one in flight and one on the beach.  It was several yards away and I was on the wrong side of the boat so this photo is the best I could get even with my zoom lens.

IMG_3838 (1280x853) IMG_3854 (1280x853)

Here are some photos from the first stop.

IMG_3857 (1280x853) IMG_3904 (853x1280) IMG_3909 (853x1280)

Here are some photos from the second stop.  There was a long involved story about a famous photographer in 1888 that invented stop action photography and a photo that was taken of his son jumping from one rock to the other.  Anyway, today they have a dog perform the jump.

IMG_3925 (853x1280) IMG_3927 (853x1280) IMG_3929 (1280x853)

After the cruise I walked up one side and down the other of the downtown area.  There are three fudge shops within a three block area.  T-shirt shops, restaurants, bars, etc.  I am here at the end of the tourist season and many of the shops have already closed for the season or are only open on weekends.  I also see a lot of painting and carpentry happening at businesses apparently to get everything ready for next spring.

IMG_3942 (853x1280) IMG_3943 (853x1280)

Here are some photos I took while I drove around.

P1020001 (1280x854) P1020004 (1280x854) P1020005 (1280x854) P1020009 (1280x854) P1020011 (1280x854) P1020016 (1280x854) P1030001 (1280x854)

I had lunch at a place called “Hot Dog Avenue”…guess what they specialize in….Judy they were very creative with their trash cans…I think you could do this

P1020008 (1280x854) P1020007 (854x1280)

And finally a photo at the end of the day

IMG_3827 (1280x853)

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