Saturday, Oct 11, 2014 – Safely Home Again

I loved the outline of my car and trailer with the frost still on the grass.

P1030033 (1280x854)

I left the RV park about 9:30am to drive the one mile into Amana.  I stopped at the Lily Pond to take some pictures of ducks.  It was a very peaceful sight.

IMG_3948 (1280x853) IMG_3966 (1280x853) IMG_3947 (1280x853)

Here are some photos along the streets of Amana.


P1040006 (1280x854) P1040015 (1280x854) P1040023 (1280x854) P1040027 (1280x854) P1040029 (1280x854) P1040031 (1280x854) P1040034 (854x1280) P1040035 (1280x854) P1040036 (1280x854) P1040041 (1280x854) P1040042 (1280x854)

I left Amana about noon and continued towards home.  Below is another peaceful sight of rolling Iowa cornfields and a farmer harvesting his crop.

IMG_3994 (1280x853)

I arrived home about 7:30pm or so.  I got to watch the sun set in the last part of my drive.  I thought that was very appropriate, the sun setting as I finish out my 15 day trip.  I drove 2788 miles over the 15 days.  I was towing the trailer all but about 400 miles.

I added the three states I stayed in to my map. That makes 24 states so far in the past 28 months.  Friday night was my 140th night I have slept in the EggCamper.   I think I have towed the trailer about 18,500 miles during that time.  I have driven more miles than that on the trips but I am trying to keep track of the number of miles towing as well.

P1050001 (1280x854)

Thanks for following along!  I will be winterizing the EggCamper and won’t be taking any more trips until next year.  I will enjoy traveling from my recliner as I research for next year’s trips.

3 thoughts on “Saturday, Oct 11, 2014 – Safely Home Again

  1. Glad you made it home safely. We got home late on Wednesday. It was nice to meet you and follow your blog and I look forward to following you next year. You will have to give the Duluth and the north Superior shore a chance again in warmer weather. Congratulations on adding three more states to your map.

  2. Glad to hear you made it home okay. I visited Amana many years ago, enjoyed seeing that area. I was visiting a friend that lived in Decorah, Iowa, at the time. We did some touring.

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